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Busty babe puts pushy policemen in their place

A chance encounter on a Tokyo street gave a spunky half-American model a chance to make sure the capital's uncouth law enforcers copped a blast, according to Shukan Asahi (1/19).

DJ-cum-model Yurika Amari ended up giving some of the Metropolitan Police Department's plods a lesson in good manners.

She was making up for some rough handling she received from the long arm of the law after they suspected she was up to no good apparently because her big bust and lanky looks made her stand out from the crowded streets of Tokyo's Shibuya district.

Amari, whose father is an American, was walking along the streets in late December when a couple of uniformed cops came up and grabbed her from behind. They whirled her around and demanded she tell them whether she was a foreigner and if she could speak Japanese.

One of the cops reached for Amari's handbag. When she refused to give it to him, he snatched it away from her and began rifling through it. When the fuzz failed to find anything untoward, they began walking away, but Amari wasn't letting them off so easily after what they'd just put her through. She asked their names and they simply flashed their police notebooks (the Japanese equivalent of a Western cop showing their badge) and sauntered off.

"I've got to protect my skin for work, so I can't afford to get sunburned. I have to use a parasol and hat whenever I go out at any time of the year," Amari tells Shukan Asahi. "I guess the cops thought it was summer gear, which seemed a little bit out of place as the year drew to a close."

Amari filed a complaint with the MPD over the way the cops had handled her. She demanded a meeting with the officers who had accosted her and an apology. She ended up speaking to their boss, who refused to apologize for their behavior. With police refusing to express any regret, Amari asked for -- and was given -- the opportunity to educate the police on boorish behavior.

Tokyo's cops acknowledged Amari taught them some lessons.

"Among the opinions she expressed were some that could be useful when it comes to questioning people in the future. She also works as a teacher at schools and places. We thought she may be able to provide us with some interesting views, so asked her to give a speech for us," an MPD spokesman tells the Weekly.

Amari spoke for about 1 hour to around 80 police officers, most of them men in their 40s and 50s. She was pleased with the results.

"I used the experiences I'd been through to tell people about the best way to deal with women and advised them not to come up from behind people and grab them by the shoulders," Amari tells Shukan Asahi. "I said everything I wanted to. There's no bitterness left now." (By Ryann Connell)

Mainichi Japan January 11, 2007

Dirty director lends more than an ear to the virtues of married women

Aspiring adult moviemakers looking for the most intense sex should turn toward married mothers, AV auteur Koichi Takahashi tells Spa! (2/6).

"If I had to use one word to describe the charms of married women, that word would have to be 'experience.' Nurturing the maternal instincts is not the only growth that motherhood brings about," Takahashi, who has directed 57 adult movies with a "married woman" theme, tells Spa! "You can see in the bed scenes how these women know the need to show concern for others. Physically and mentally, they leave young women for dead."

Takahashi says married women like the ones who appear in his movies are close to the perfect woman.

"I really try to always listen to what women are telling me. For every one point I bring up, I try to hear 10 things the other person has to say. I ask them to explain things they've talked about, show some concern for what's bothering them and then listen to their gripes about kids and husbands."

Takahashi says that despite rumors to the contrary most married women in extramarital affairs are prepared to talk about their families.

"I'd say women over 35 in particular are really starved for conversation. Couples tend to stop conversing after however many years of marriage. If you do maintain a decent conversation, it naturally tends to veer toward the husband and kids. I try to make the conversation interesting enough to give the women a chance to forget about their husbands," Takahashi tells Spa! "Kisses are really important, too. Most of these women haven't been loved for a long time."

While undoubtedly starved for conversation, that's apparently not the only thing married women appearing in Takahashi's videos are yearning for.

"Husbands couldn't be bothered with a lot of the women, so it's really essential to spend a lot of time with them both before and after the act," the dirty director says. "You've really got to be accommodating."

A look through Takahashi's movies on married women and a common trait soon becomes apparent - even though they're adult movies, there's actually considerably more talking the talk than there is walking the walk, so to speak.

"Depending on the work, there might be as many as three sex scenes or as few as one," the auteur of amorousities tells Spa! "It really doesn't matter how many times there are. It all comes down to the reality." (By Ryann Connell)

Mainichi Japan January 31, 2007

'Paris Cannibal' Sagawa still hungers for attention

"I invited her to join me for some Japanese food. But Japanese restaurants [in Paris] were expensive, so I said I'd prepare sukiyaki at home. No one else came along, and usually a girl would be on her guard to be alone with a man at his place, but Renee was completely at ease.

"The sukiyaki got burnt and stuck to the pot, and while she stood at the sink washing it, I got this feeling while looking at her from behind --- I don't know why --- that she looked like a whore, and I was overcome with this compulsion to eat her."

So he did. With a completely detached mien, as if he were talking about another person, Issei Sagawa conveys to writer-photographer Noboru Hashimoto in Jitsuwa Knuckles (October) the details of the 1981 crime that got him enshrined in the Hall of Gustatory Infamy along with Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

His victim was 25-year-old Renee Hartevelt, a literature student from the Netherlands of Jewish background, who was, like Sagawa, enrolled at the Sorbonne. The murder weapon was a small-caliber rifle fired at the back of her head from close range. After having sex with her corpse, he then carved up portions of her body and ate them. He described the taste of the raw flesh as resembling "tuna sashimi." Other parts were stored in the refrigerator and cooked after garnishing with salt and pepper. And sorry, but any further descriptions of this creepy cook's macabre meal will have to be entrusted to another translator, folks. In fact, I'm shutting down until the urge to regurgitate subsides.

[Okay, I'm back.]

By his own account, Sagawa loaded the unconsumed remains of Hartevelt's corpse into two suitcases and transported them into a park. While discarding the evidence of his grisly crime in the shrubbery, he was spotted by an amorous couple, who informed the police, describing the perpetrator an Asian, standing 160cm tall and almost emaciated in appearance (Sagawa weighed just 35 kilograms at the time.) He was tracked down and arrested soon thereafter.

Found not guilty by reason of insanity, he was confined to a mental hospital but expelled from France and allowed to return to Japan after a year.

While members of the public reacted to Sagawa's antics with a kind of morbid curiosity, the reaction by some of those who encountered him personally was more visceral. They found him not only dislikable, but loathsome to the extreme.

To get out of the job, one cameraman ordered by a weekly photo magazine to cover Sagawa was even said to have feigned alcoholism and hospitalized.

More than 10 books were published about him. One was an autobiographical, self-illustrated account of his crime. Another was a compendium of letters between the hospitalized Sagawa and a famous dramatist that was awarded the prestigious Akutagawa literary prize. This, Hashimoto writes, helped to solidify Sagawa's identity as an eater of human flesh, while at the same time encouraging him to engage in buffoonery.

And engage he did. After his discharge from a Tokyo hospital, Sagawa subsequently worked at earning a well-deserved reputation as Japan's "celebrity cannibal," with an appearance in an adult video, as a guest on TV talk shows and in the print media.

"His sole claim to fame," Hashimoto tells Jitsuwa Knuckles readers, "was one that no one else could make: that he had eaten another human being."

Sagawa currently lives on an inheritance from his father and his writings. Most Japanese media avoid him now, but he still earns stipends from foreign camera crews that come to Japan to request him to appear in tabloid-style documentaries.

A photo in Jitsuwa Knuckles shows the bespectacled Sagawa standing outside a store window, admiring the legs of a female mannequin.

"When I see a beautiful girl while riding the train, I feel like eating her," he confesses.

There's no explaining the madness --- the cowardice and desires --- that drove him to cannibalism. His twisted sexual urges toward women. It is here, Hashimoto writes, where Issei Sagawa's sole existence is to be found. (By Masuo Kamiyama, contributing writer)

Mainichi Japan October 2, 2007

Jeepers creepers, your love hotel might be crawling with peepers

Uramono Japan (October)

If you -- and perhaps your lady friend as well -- are not sufficiently stimulated by each other's company, you might want to consider injecting some additional excitement into your trysts, by watching other couples do the dirty deed, unbeknownst to them of course, from a handy peeping perspective, albeit not necessarily a point purposely provided.

Writing in Uramono Japan (October), reporter Hisashi Yamazaki says he developed an interest in this topic from the old days, when the walls of cheaply constructed hotels were so thin one could easily and effortlessly eavesdrop on the affectionately amorous acoustic effects generated by cavorting couples.

After considerable research, Yamazaki has found that indeed, places exist in Tokyo where a strategically situated voyeur can observe the visual action as well.

The first spot Yamazaki identifies is "Hotel Ai" in Shinjuku's Kabukicho adult entertainment district. By Yamazaki's reckoning, by entering the bathroom and boosting oneself up to the top of the window ledge, one gets a ostrich-eye view of goings on in the rooms in the hotel immediately adjacent -- provided the window is open. And to eliminate any guesswork in gaining access to such a perspective, the reporter proclaims the voyeuristic view is visible from rooms 301, 303, 308, 401, 403 and 408.

Near Shinjuku station's East exit is an establishment offering rooms for rent with the moniker "U-Shii Jikan" (You see time), which, as the name implies, caters to people who like to watch. If you get lucky, as did Yamazaki, you might walk past a room with the door not only ajar, but completely open, inside of which a couple engaged in passionate sex.

Ten onlookers stood outside watching the free show. And the girl on the bed, Yamazaki adds, was stunning enough to be a model.

At a similar rental place by Shinjuku's West exit named "Y-ngu Inn" (pronounced Young In) appeals to those who prefer to eavesdrop. A thorough check by Yamazaki determines the peepholes on the doors to nine of its rooms -- numbers 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 19, 20 and 21 -- afford such opportunities.

He suggests looking out from the peephole to see which rooms eager couples enter, and then after a suitable wait -- like 90 seconds -- putting one's ear against their door.

Likewise for another shop near Shinjuku's west exit, A hotel identified only as "M" in Hyakunin-cho, located across Shokuan Dori from Kabukicho, is so designed with windows that open onto a central area, thereby providing a total of four rooms that enable mutual peeping, i.e., a both-sides-now arrangement where lascivious lovers can, if prearranged, simultaneously view each other in various stages of coital coupling. The respective room numbers for such fun and games, Yamazaki writes, are 105-108 and 205-211.

Finally, "G Inn Michiyo," accessed from the north exit of JR Komagome Station, boasts a mirrored wall that enables a guest situated in the room named "Sunny" to view the reflection of patrons atop the bed in a neighboring room named "Kame" (tortoise). As the Japanese medical word for glans penis happens to be "kito," meaning "turtle head," this particular room's name would appear to fit the situation to the proverbial "T." (By Masuo Kamiyama, contributing writer)

Mainichi Japan October 8, 2007

Impressive info on intrepid instructors who initiate illicit intercourse

Shukan Taishu (10/15)

It was just after the music school's graduation ceremony. Reiko, an attractive 26-year-old instructor, confesses that was when she commenced an "adult relationship" with a former student.

"I knew he was in love with me," she tells Shukan Taishu (10/15). "On his graduation day I felt so sad -- like I was losing a younger brother."

That day, the student followed Reiko all the way back to her apartment, and shyly handed her an original disc he'd recorded of his own classical performance.

"I was so overjoyed, I cried," Reiko recalls. "Then he extended both hands and gripped my shoulders. From that moment I began to see him as a man, and not just as a student."

She invited him up to her room.

Uh oh. Does this mean what we think it means? Yup.

"We could feel the love," she sighs. "We desired each other. I put on a CD and we listened, and he said to me, 'It's my first time.' Actually I hadn't done it that many times myself either, only with one other guy. As we kissed, I reached down and squeezed his manhood. It all seemed like a dream."

"I took him inside me, without using any protection. 'Aaaahhh, Sensei!' he groaned, as he pulled out and ejaculated all over my belly. 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry,' he muttered, and awkwardly began wiping his spilled seed off me. I just hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, 'Anything that makes you feel good is fine by me.'"

When Shukan Taishu surveyed 60 female teachers about when their sex lives were most active, the new school year and graduation seasons was given as second place. The time when they felt at their horniest was just after some sort of school ceremony. Third was during extended breaks, such as summer vacation, and fourth was while on official trips.

Most teachers, however, are so busy with their work they don't have many opportunities to socialize, and out of the 60 who provided valid responses, 36 replied that their regular sex partner was a male co-worker.

Like the bespectacled Keiko. She's just 25, and looks a little bookish, which is all right, since, after all, she teaches Japanese language.

"You'll find that a lot of teachers wind up marrying other teachers," she tells Shukan Taishu. "After all, it's the place we are most likely to meet a potential spouse. Besides, we have things in common to discus -- especially if we're in the same department. It's a small world, even more so than in the average workplace."

Bored and lonely, Keiko had an affair with a colleague 20 years her senior.

"'I've got some old materials on that subject you can use,' he told me. 'Can you come by and pick them up?'"

"To be honest though, I was sort of looking forward to doing it with him," she admits. "I went to his place and while we were poring through the materials, our shoulders rubbed, and he reached for me and gently lowered me onto my back.

"Male teachers are earnest people and not all that experienced in their love techniques," Keiko says. "When we kissed, our teeth banged together. It hurt. And he tugged my dress off so hard, it felt like I was being raped."

But then came the moment of truth, and ... "I was so wet, when he slid in, you could actually hear it. It sounded like the noise when your foot sinks into a mud hole," she blushes.

Some other responses from Shukan Taishu's questionnaire determined that 51 of the 60 women had given oral sex to their male partner, and 48 had been reciprocated accordingly. Only 24 said they had utilized a sex toy; 20 had engaged in some form of SM play; 15 had done the dirty deed out-of-doors; and 8 had permitted penetration of their posterior portal. The female respondents' most favored positions were given as 37 percent from behind, 32 percent in the missionary position, 20 percent with her on top and 7 percent while sitting. As opposed to six out of 10 sex encounters taking place at home, only 7 percent said they patronized no-tell motels.

Finally, Shukan Taishu relates this athletic tete-a-tete account between an art teacher named Mio, age 31, and a married Phys. Ed. teacher.

"On the night of the middle school entrance ceremony, we stayed behind for a while, which was not that uncommon. I joined him in the locker room next to the gym and while we were chatting, on a whim, I whispered suggestively into his ear. He led me onto the stage of the auditorium, which was in complete darkness. I felt incredibly turned on.

"The next thing I knew, I was on my hands and knees and he was bonking me from behind. And while this was going on, I could still imagine seeing all the freshly scrubbed students who had been sharply lined up at assembly just a few hours before.

"So there he was, humping away, and between thrusts he joked, 'I guess we're really setting a lousy example as teachers, aren't we?'

"I felt that remark was rather insensitive, all things considered," she huffs, in a hurt tone of voice. (By Masuo Kamiyama, contributing writer)

Mainichi Japan October 6, 2007

Ladies, the J-guys have spoken: One night stands are out, facials are in

Spa! (10/9)

Love may conquer all, but sometimes there are things you simply can't turn a blind eye to. Spa! (10/9) finds out from 200 Japanese guys just what they will and won't permit from their female partners.

Over 70 percent could accept the idea of their girlfriends or wives having had up to five sex partners before them.

"I'd rather have had more partners, but I can handle it if she's had four or five guys before me," a 32-year-old self-employed man tells Spa! "If a woman has had dozens of sex partners she knows everything there is to know and there's nothing there for me to teach her."

Fewer doesn't necessarily mean better, though.

"If she's only ever had one partner, I'd get the impression that she was involved in a really deep long-term relationship and that's a bit scary," a 27-year-old man says. "I'd rather she'd been with a few guys and knew her way around a bit."

Finding out that a woman had cheated on them had surprising results. If the other man was someone they didn't know, 32 percent would still end the relationship immediately, but an almost equal 26 percent were prepared to look the other way and keep on going. Yet, if the illicit relationship took place with a boss, 74 percent would split instantly, while a friend would see 83 percent call it quits on the spot.

Experience working in the adult entertainment industry was generally frowned on, too, with more than 70 percent saying that they would not be prepared to accept such a past if they were looking to get into a serious relationship with a woman. Still, there were some exceptions.

"I'd be OK with her if she was only a nightclub hostess or had sold her soiled panties," a 31-year-old construction industry worker tells Spa! "It's not like they were having sex or anything."

Women who had worked at a soapland brothel or been among the spate of schoolgirl prostitutes who sold themselves to middle-aged men during the enjo kosai (a euphemism for prostitution that literally translates as "compensated dating") boom of the mid- to late-1990s were extremely unpopular, with over 70 percent of men saying they'd never consider a relationship. Equally unpopular were women who had appeared in porno movies.

"Even soapland experience would be more acceptable than that," a 26-year-old government worker tells Spa! "An adult movie can be kept forever and I couldn't handle that."

While men were generally evenly divided in their opinions about women who'd undergone an abortion, they were almost three times more likely to be repulsed by a woman who'd had a one-night stand with a man she'd never met before.

"It shows a weak will," a 25-year-old banker says. "And a lack of control of her sexual urges."Women's sexual adventure was also frowned up, with scatological experience or participation in a threesome strongly opposed.

"There must be quite a bit of guilt involved after being treated like a sex object by two guys at the same time," a 30-year-old nurse says. "Please keep it to one guy at a time."

Facials and swallowing, however, were widely approved.

"There's no problem," the 32-year-old self-employed man tells Spa! "Everybody does that." (By Ryann Connell)

Mainichi Japan October 5, 2007

Duped lonely hearts claim their pink cherries never blossom

Japan's matchmaking business is thriving, but for every company in the industry, there's a formal complaint made to consumer advocates, Asahi Geino (10/11) notes.

With an estimated membership of 600,000 (60 percent of them men) registered to around 3,900 companies and generating a market said to be around 60 billion yen, the business of introducing prospective lovers is a lucrative one.

But the same business has also provided plenty of work for the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, with over 3,400 complaints made about matchmakers last year.

Most of the gripes centered around money problems, but plenty of guys also complained that they were repeatedly introduced to "sakura," deliberate plants paid to fulfill the matchmaking company's obligations to introduce a prospective partner but with no intention of pursuing the sought-after relationship.

A matchmaking industry insider says the business can easily be used to rip-off the unsuspecting lonely.

"This business has no real product. Companies can basically do whatever they like, whether that be using a sakura or actually registering legitimate members. There are loads of photos of beautiful women on the Internet and companies can fill their books with these pictures. If someone does ask for a date with one of these women, the company can simply tell them that she's already seeing someone else and then keep him picking out women until he choose someone who is actually on the books," the insider tells Asahi Geino. "This business doesn't require a license to get involved, so it's really easy for start-ups. You don't need inventory and there're no costs for equipment investment, nor do you need to have an office. In extreme cases, you could start off a matchmaking business simply by having a computer and a photo album."

Of course, there are legitimate matchmakers out there, especially but not exclusively the larger companies. There are also federations for matchmaking businesses, but even these aren't always above board.

"Even if a company can get 100 new members registered in a year, there are still limits on how effective it can be, depending on things like age, or conditions, or what's being sought in an ideal partner," the insider says. "It's become the norm within the industry for companies to swap lists of women members and make them available to men registered with their own firms."

There are plenty of traps in the matchmaking business. Seiro Ohashi, head of the NPO Bridegroom School and an expert on the trade in getting people together, advises caution at all costs.

"Before registering with a matchmaking business, people should check out its website to see whether it's reliable, what sort of results it has achieved and whether it provides services in line with its charges," Ohashi tells Asahi Geino. "Before joining, the client should meet with somebody from the company and talk with them to see whether they're a decent kind of person and if they're capable of getting their job done properly." (By Ryann Connell)

Mainichi Japan October 9, 2007